Gluten-Free Is Not a Diet

And if you think it is, then you’re probably not losing weight. Gluten-free is more like a diet substitute. As allergies become more common (or at least more commonly discovered), more and more gluten-free products are available. Nowadays, there’s a substitute for just about everything glutinous: gluten-free pizza crust, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free bread, gluten-free cookies and crackers, even gluten-free beer. So that’s why it’s not a diet – being gluten-free doesn’t mean you’re not eating carbs; it just means you’re not eating carbs that are made of wheat products.

If you don’t actually have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, there’s really no reason to avoid gluten. It can even be worse for you to go gluten-free unnecessarily, since some gluten-free products lack the vitamins and fiber that their glutinous counterparts have. Check out this helpful article on WebMD.

So if you’re trying to lose weight and think that gluten-free is the answer, maybe try looking into the Paleo diet instead. Or better yet, keep eating gluten, but choose healthier grains that are rich in fiber and nutrients – and just don’t eat too many of them!


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