Not Safe for Celiacs

If you’re reading this, you’re probably (a) gluten-free, (b) with someone who is gluten-free, or (c) really bored. Whatever the reason, I want to get some things straight about what this blog is and what it isn’t. Let’s start with the isn’ts.

What This Blog Is Not:

  • Not for people with Celiac Disease. This blog covers a gluten-free lifestyle, but not with a life-or-death situation in mind. More like a life-or-ill situation, so if you need to live an extremely strict gluten-free existence, you should find a suitable blog on the Celiac Foundation’s website or
  • Not a cooking blog. There are about a million cooking blogs out there, most of which are maintained by people who are professional homemakers and seemingly spend most of their days in the kitchen perfecting their recipes. I work a full-time job and have limited time for cooking, so while I will include some recipes in this blog, they will be more of an everyday/good-but-not-overly-time-consuming kind, rather than a gourmet/27-ingredients-and-a-crafts-project-on-the-side kind.
  • Not by someone who is gluten-free. I’m married to someone with a gluten sensitivity, but I myself am not gluten-free. So this blog is a unique perspective of someone who does not live in a gluten-free bubble but is very aware of all things gluten and exists in a largely gluten-free household.

What This Blog Is:

  • For people with gluten intolerances or sensitivities. Since my husband has a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, but not full-blown Celiac Disease, I am cautious about avoiding gluten without having to be overly strict about it. (The fine print: my husband can’t directly consume gluten without it totally messing him up, but he can eat fries fried in the same fryer as wheat products, and food prepared in the same area as glutinous food.
  • A gluten-tolerant lifestyle blog. As mentioned above, this is not a cooking blog. I will cover some recipes and cooking techniques, but I’ll also cover other lifestyle topics — like which gluten-free beers don’t suck, how to compromise on pizza when one person is gluten-free and the other would prefer to eat good pizza, and how not to be “that” couple at a dinner party.
  • About gluten compromises. Since I don’t have a gluten sensitivity and don’t want to torture myself unnecessarily, this blog is about compromise: doing the right thing for my husband, while not doing the wrong thing for myself. If you are also with someone who is gluten-free, or are gluten-free yourself but want to be able to eat and talk with non-gf people without making them want to kill themselves, then this blog is for you.

Ready for some of the good stuff? Read on…


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